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Client Advisory Services

Client Advisory Services

PKF Mueller provides bookkeeping solutions to subsidiary companies of foreign parents. We provide assistance in all areas of general accounting and outsourced accounting such as payroll, business tax reporting requirements, and financial statements. Our Client Advisory Services team will maintain accurate, up-to-date business data, as well as analyze the information to provide strategies to improve your bottom-line.


The needs of a subsidiary firm frequently extend beyond the services provided by an accountant or bookkeeper, but may not justify the expense of a full-time CFO or Controller. At times unavoidable fluctuations in staffing due to turnover or absences can occur that leads firms to reevaluate their accounting needs. Many firms also experience growth, acquisitions, and liquidity problems that results in financial and operational challenges that are beyond the scope of what is normally serviced in-house.

  • Engagements normally last 3 to 12 months.
  • Firms engaging in our services have access to the resources of a full service accounting firm.
  • Services can be part-time or project based.


  • Eliminates hiring and training of staff
  • Eliminates employee overhead expenses
  • Receive guidance from experienced financial professionals in GAAP
  • Increased productivity due to data becoming more readily available for your review






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