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Turnaround & Bankruptcy Services

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Turnaround & Bankruptcy Services


Watershed moments, like the 2008 housing market crash and the impacts of COVID-19, can create unstable economic environments. Many companies struggle without a pathway to improvement and resolution. Most business executives have never studied or experience distressed situations and need a partner to guide them.

We are Business Advisors with a history of consulting in turnaround situations. Our goal is to stabilize your organization, discuss alternatives, and help you return to growth. We work with creditors, trustees, debtors, lenders, and attorneys to help provide strategic and transparent solutions for companies in distress. Turnaround and Bankruptcy Services are sometimes the best way to maintain a business’s worth and our specialists focus on helping all parties weather difficult times, professionally and expeditiously. It is best to engage early on in a distressed situation to preserve cash and have time to implement change, avoiding or minimizing negative outcomes. 


Our services identify the issues and prioritize steps to improvement and implement change if needed. We have the experience to engage with lenders and other creditors to explore capital restructuring.

  • Our accounting expertise allows us to identify issues and toggle between historical financial statements and cash requirements forecasting.
  • With over 50 years serving the middle market, we are able to connect with trusted capital providers.
  • We strive to make our services cost-effective and limit services to those that provide impact.
  • The Team is active in the Turnaround Management Association and has earned Certified Turnaround Professional credentials (CTP).


  • Client Consultation

Complimentary service offered to identify concerns and limitations which could create financial challenges.

  • Covenant Consulting

We review loan agreements and amendments, identify lender covenants, report requirements, borrow base restrictions, and other critical requirements.

  • Initial Assessment 

We identify concerns, determine strategic alternatives to turnaround results, and develop action plans to ultimately avoid crisis situations. To keep services cost-effective, all engagements will include:

- A 13-week cash forecast to be used by management as the primary tool to ensure cash availability and lender compliance (including borrowing base calculations and projections).

- A liquidity review to maximize cash flow and manage working capital.

- A long-term viability assessment and business strategy.

- An operational and profitability analysis.

- Lender negotiations for working capital and financial restructuring.

  • Turnaround Engagement

Implementation of strategies developed in the initial assessment that generally cover one quarter or 90 days. At the conclusion, management will receive an exit report including further recommendations and financial forecast model instructions.

  • Restructuring Engagement 

If an initial assessment reveals the need for capital or an exit strategy, we have the ability to work with stakeholders and trusted providers to refinance or sell the business. Capital options include debt or equity or working out a deal with a strategic partner. Together, we can discover the potential options and determine what is viable, as well as the timetables to complete such work.


  • Managed Assets Assistance
  • Borrower Assessment
  • Credit Review and Analysis
  • Operational Review
  • Collateral Review
  • Wind-down Monitoring
  • Field Audits
  • Underwriting Support
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Impairment Analysis



  • Initial Seller Assessment
  • Management
  • Seller Profit Improvement
  • Sell Side Due Diligence
  • Accounting Support
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Data Room
  • Credit Analysis



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