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Succession Planning

Buy-Sell Agreement

Succession Planning

A carefully crafted Succession Plan ensures that you can leave your business when you want to without interrupting your income stream, while also ensuring your and your family’s financial security.  We are skilled in all aspects of exit planning, part of which will often include a Buy-Sell Agreement. We always conduct a thorough analysis of the tax effects of such a transaction.


  • Can the business survive without me?
  • How will I control who will become an owner if a Partner or Associate should die?
  • How can I minimize the taxes on my business interest if I die?
  • How can I motivate my executive team?
  • Can we compete for needed executive talent without offering an ownership stake to them?
  • Will my estate be on solid ground when the IRS challenges the value of the business included in my estate?


  • Establishing a Buy-Sell Agreement helps identify a buyer of the business during your lifetime or in the event of death. This protects the continuity of the business because it provides a plan for succession.
  • A Buy-Sell Agreement that is properly structured will consider the funding needed for the purchaser.
  • A Buy-Sell Agreement sets a value for the business before a crisis arises. By reaching an agreement when all parties are healthy and no one has been identified as the buyer or the seller you assure that the value will be fair to all concerned.


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