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Business Intelligence Solutions


Arguably, one of the biggest challenges for your financial department and its leaders, is the consolidation and standardization of financial data from different sources. Let’s face it, not only is this compilation a manual and time-consuming process, but it’s also prone to error.  Built to bring order to your financial statements, our Financial Performance Management (FPM) solutions make it easier than ever to meet deadlines and make important company decisions with speed and reliability. One of our trusted platforms is LucaNet.  As certified partners, we are here to assist you with implementation and training with any platform you choose, at every step of the way. Learn more. 


LucaNet is a Financial Performance Management (FPM) software that is designed to give you a holistic view over your financial data. It does this by integrating or bundling your entire financial management process together, which includes:

  • Financial Statement Consolidations
  • Financial Planning
  • Management Reporting
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Inter-Company Reconciliations
  • And more


Finance departments turn to Mueller – LucaNet’s partner – for implementation, integration, customization and consulting, to consolidate and standardize financial data from different sources. This eliminates tedious processes and provides strategic insight.



By transferring data from a range of sources, like ERPs, Excel files, financial accounting systems, and flat files to one application, you have a firmer grasp on your financial figures. Eliminating the plethora of sources ensures a single source of truth for past and anticipated financial data, better certainty, maximum traceability, and increased efficiency. For your business, this means more time for analyses and more reliable numbers to make important strategic business decisions, which are crucial to your everyday internal and external accounting operations.




  • LucaNet Expertise  We have multiple staff members who have gone through a comprehensive training program to become LucaNet certified professionals.
  • Awards – Mueller was named Strategic Partner of the Year by LucaNet.
  • Customization and Integration Capabilities  Provide value by tailoring LucaNet to your business needs and then integrating it with other applications.
  • Deep Financial Expertise  –   Our LucaNet certified development and implementation team consists of experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) with extensive finance and reporting expertise.

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