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Emerging and established technology firms need specialty accounting service providers that understand the challenges facing them at each point in the lifecycle of their experience. Today’s global market is very complex and rapid advancements in technology are constantly changing the landscape for emerging and established technology firms. PKF Mueller’s Technology CPAs and consultants understand the challenges this industry faces and are dedicated to helping technology firms be well positioned for growth from early stage/start-up to IPO and beyond.


  • Audits, Reviews, Compilations
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Tax Planning
  • State, Local & International Tax Matters
  • Service Organization Control Audits
  • Research and Development Credits
  • Raising Capital Processes
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Due Diligence
  • Strategic Planning Advice


  • Software Developers
  • Internet Service Firms
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Nano Technology Firms
  • Hardware Providers
  • Website Developers
  • Medical Device Frms
  • Data Storage Firms

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